The Biggest Beauty Trends of the Met Gala 2021 - Vogue

With diamanté-framed gazes or Old Hollywood waves, the Met gala’s glittering guests turned out a host of standout beauty moments riffing on the theme of American fashion—many of which formed visual through lines as the evening went on. From edgy, of-the-moment statements to modern interpretations of iconic American glamour, here are the beauty trends that emerged from the night.

Old Hollywood

  • Megan Thee Stallion

  • Image may contain Clothing Apparel Billie Eilish Human Person Evening Dress Fashion Gown Robe Suit and Coat

  • Yara Shahidi

  • Kaia Gerber

  • Paloma Elsesser

  • Kristen Stewart

  • Megan Fox

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Megan Thee Stallion

“I just feel like the hot-girl culture needs to give Hollywood glamour,” said Megan Thee Stallion of her old-school finger waves, a look that was also embraced by Paloma Elsesser, who sported strong, glossy waves around her face. Others had specific references in mind, with Billie Eilish re-creating Marilyn Monroe’s voluminous, blown-out platinum bob and Yara Shahidi winking at Josephine Baker as she wore the famed performer’s signature kiss-curl.

Sculptural Hair

  • Maisie Williams

  • Lupita Nyong'o

  • CL

  • Naomi Osaka

  • Tessa Thompson

  • Image may contain Clothing Apparel Evening Dress Fashion Gown Robe Human Person Necklace Jewelry and Accessories

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  • Venus Williams

  • Zo Kravitz

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Maisie Williams

Sculpted hair came in all shapes and sizes. There were mesmerizing, intricate braided shapes, like Zoë Kravitz’s bouffant, Tessa Thompson’s cowboy hat, and Gemma Chan’s delicate duo of looped hoops. Then there were the MoMA-worthy, gravity-defying silhouettes from Naomi Osaka, Maisie Williams, and CL.

Cool Crimsons

  • Cara Delevingne

  • Tessa Thompson

  • Gigi Hadid

  • Naomi Osaka

  • Image may contain Clothing Apparel Evening Dress Gown Robe Fashion Human and Person

  • Megan Fox

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Cara Delevingne

It doesn’t get more classic—or glamorous—than a striking deep red. And while a crimson lip is a foolproof strategy as demonstrated by Megan Fox in her fully realized nod to Bettie Page, it was also thrilling to see the color take other forms. Gigi Hadid showed off deep crimson waves pulled into a ponytail, whereas others displayed an array of eye statements, like Osaka’s draped gaze and Cara Delevingne’s scorched-earth smoky eyes.

Mesmerizing Headpieces

  • Lorde

  • Iman

  • Emily Blunt

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Headpieces were seen in many iterations, each one more intricate than the next. Lorde topped off her Bode look made from “repurposed antiques” with a beaded crown featuring a trio of sunbursts, while Emily Blunt paid tribute to Hedy Lamarr’s star crown with a celestial headpiece of her own. Finally, leave it to Iman to serve up the ultimate mic drop with her larger-than-life gold feathered headpiece.

Blinding Neon

  • Diane Kruger

  • Image may contain Emma Chamberlain Human Person Fashion Premiere Evening Dress Clothing Gown Apparel and Robe

  • Frank Ocean

  • Gemma Chan

  • Image may contain Hair Human and Person

  • Image may contain Necklace Jewelry Accessories Accessory Human Person Face Kid Cudi Hair and Head

  • Zoey Deutch

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Diane Kruger

Among the red carpet’s biggest rebels were those who embraced retina-burning doses of color. Diane Kruger donned graphic touches of bright fuchsia and cobalt on the eyes, and both Whitney Peak and Emma Chamberlain wore strokes of equally bright green. Further proving that the tennis-ball-inspired shade was truly the standout hue of the evening, Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean sported buzz cuts in the can’t-miss color.

Crystal Embellishment

  • Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Hair Headband and Hat

  • Image may contain Julia Garner Human Person Armor and Chain Mail

  • Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel and Face

  • Alicia Keys

  • Saweetie

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Amanda Gorman

An accent of sparkling diamanté never hurts. Just look to the gazes of Amanda Gorman, Julia Garner, and Ella Emhoff for proof. And it’s not just the eyes that have it, but stylized manes as well. Both Alicia Keys and Saweetie embellished their sleek dos with constellations of sparkling crystals.

Sleek Crops

  • Storm Reid

  • Joan Smalls

  • Image may contain Human Person Fashion Suit Coat Clothing Overcoat Apparel Jasmine Tookes and Premiere

  • Image may contain Clothing Evening Dress Gown Apparel Robe Fashion Human Person Irina Shayk and Premiere

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Storm Reid

There’s nothing like a big chop to signal a new chapter. And many major stars were ready for change ahead of last night’s red carpet. Joan Smalls, Irina Shayk, Rebecca Hall, and Jasmine Tookes all revealed fresh pixie cuts, while Storm Reid showcased both a new crop and a platinum blonde dye job.